It’s so painful to watch your child struggle with drug or alcohol addiction and you know you want to do something but how do you begin a drug intervention.

A drug intervention can prevent someone from suffering the inevitable consequences of their drug addiction, by confronting the person with the realities of the situation, in a loving way. By planning and doing a drug intervention, you can break through and get them the help they so desperately need, if it is handled in a loving, non-confrontational manner. Denial is a good term to describe the state of mind of the person in active drug addiction. They deny to themselves and the people in their lives that they have a problem. Interventions are designed to break the barrier of denial. A drug intervention is a proven process that has helped thousands of families and friends break the “Barrier of Denial” surrounding a person who is concealing or denying their drug or alcohol abuse.

The term intervention is also known as family intervention, crisis intervention or drug intervention. A drug intervention is a very well-planned meeting between the afflicted person and a small group of concerned friends and family. The question is how to begin a drug intervention. Consider hiring a professional as a drug intervention is a highly charged situation with the potential to cause anger, resentment or a sense of betrayal.

Here are some important points to remember:

Make the necessary arrangements for having the person admitted to the chosen treatment program
It is absolutely mandatory to have a treatment center prepared to admit the person immediately after the intervention.
Gather information. Family and friends should research the extent of the person’s drug or alcohol abuse.
Form the intervention team. It’s the quality, not the quantity of those who participate. It can include family and close friends. Often, nonfamily members of the team help keep the discussion focused on the facts of the problem and shared solutions rather than strong emotional responses.
Plan the place and time to do the drug intervention. The person with the drug or alcohol problem cannot know about it. The people participating have to arrive at the designated location beforehand.
Make notes on what to say. Each member of the intervention team describes specific incidents where the addiction caused problems, such as emotional or financial issues. Discuss the toll of your loved one’s behavior while still expressing care and the expectation that your loved one can change. Your loved one can’t argue with facts or with your emotional response to the problem. For example, begin by saying “I was upset and hurt when you drank…
Hold the intervention meeting. Without revealing the reason, the loved one is asked to the intervention site. Members of the core team then take turns expressing their concerns and feelings. The loved one is presented with a treatment option and asked to accept that option on the spot. Each team member will say what specific changes he or she will make if the addicted person doesn’t accept the plan.
Outline what the consequences will be against the addicted person should they refuse or agree to go to rehab. Each person on the drug intervention team needs to decide what action he/she will take. Do not threaten a consequence unless you are ready to follow through with it.
Follow up. Involving a spouse, family members or others is critical to help someone with a drug addiction stay in treatment and avoid relapsing. This can include changing patterns of everyday living to make it easier to avoid destructive behavior, offering to participate in counseling with your loved one, seeking your own therapist and recovery support, and knowing what to do if relapse occurs.

A successful intervention must be planned carefully to work as intended. A poorly planned intervention can worsen the situation — your loved one may feel attacked and become isolated or more resistant to treatment.

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