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We are not just some other drug rehab center or sober living home down the street. H.A.R.C. IS a full-scope network of substance abuse treatment facilities and related addiction & mental health recovery services spanning the Houston, Texas region. From Galveston to Baytown to Missouri City and beyond, H.A.R.C.’s network of top-tier rehab centers spans the following type of treatment options:

  • Residential(Inpatient)
  • PHP(Partial Hospitalization)
  • IOP(Intensive Outpatient)
  • OP(Outpatient Treatment)
  • IOP/PHP with Structured Sober Living (also used in aftercare)


First and foremost, in some cases the client may need to initially go through a short stay in medical detox, typically no longer than 7 days or so. The likelihood for detox necessity is generally limited to those of whom are currently abusing alcohol, benzodiazepines (ie., Xanax, Valium, etc.) or opioids (i.e., heroin, oxycodone, oxycontin, hydrocodone, morphine, dilaudid, etc.). Of course the manner and quantity of use plays a large role in the possible need for medical detox, which will be discussed and reviewed in greater depth during the admission process by an experienced physician.

Houston Addiction Recovery Centers provides four (4) levels of treatment services, all of which offer tracks for those struggling with drugs and/or alcohol addictions, as well as for those with mental health or co-occurring/dual-diagnosis disorders (addiction AND mental health issues occurring simultaneously).


Residential (Inpatient) Treatment provides for the highest level of care. Clients in these programs will live and receive clinical services at the same physical location. Residential treatment is also the most restrictive and comprehensive on various levels, and is most recommended for clients needing additional structure for when there is generally less oversight, such as evenings and weekends, for instance. Likewise in many cases, addicts/alcoholics require an initial loss in freedom in order to physically remove them from the temptations, thus providing for that initial breathing room from the substance of abuse. Our residential programs run from as little as 14 days on up to 90 days or even 6 months for those requiring long-term recovery solutions.

PHP (Partial Hospitalization) Treatment is quite similar to residential-inpatient rehab, however with PHP the client resides in one location while receiving clinical care services at a different location. PHP offers several benefits over residential treatment, such as: a bit more freedom with added real-life elements, less costly than inpatient treatment, and a more relaxed phasing system as the client progresses in his or her recovery journey. Our PHP programs run from 21 days on up to 90 days.

IOP (Intensive Outpatient) Treatment is very similar to the PHP described above, but without the housing component. Our array of intensive outpatient treatment programs offer 4 and 5 day per week schedules. Additionally, one key element that sets Houston Addiction Recovery Centers apart from most other IOP’s is the fact that we also offer evening and weekend sessions in order to provide greater flexibility for those with already hectic schedules, i.e. work, school, family, health issues, etc. Our IOP rehab centers and programs run from 28 days on up to as long as 6 or even 9 months in some cases.

OP (Outpatient) Treatment is our least intensive program and consist of 2 or 3 day per week schedules, and likewise offers evening and weekend sessions as well, which offset hours from the other days. Both our IOP and OP programs are specifically designed for those needing less intensive clinical services, or having otherwise busy schedules, or both. Additionally, these programs are very fluid in design, thus enabling us to apply an extensive array of customization so as to most effectively address the client’s personal & clinical needs.

living in Arizona or seeking drug and alcohol treatment services in Arizona, specifically throughout the Scottsdale & Phoenix areas, it’s important to understand that there has been much change over recent years with respect to the types of substance abuse treatment options available. From traditional inpatient and residential drug rehab settings to outpatient and intensive outpatient (IOP) programs, the scope of options is changing and it is important you be aware of how this can effect the quality of care that you or a loved one will receive.

Each of the 4 program types above are able to be customized for those struggling only with drugs or alcohol, as well as for those dealing with mental health illnesses (referred to as dual-diagnosis/co-occurring disorders, ie., depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc.). H.A.R.C. also offers LGBTQ programs, Faith-Based environments, 12-Step, Holistic and even luxury-executive level care programs for those seeking such treatment types.






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