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Success in Recovery


At Illuminate Recovery Center, there is nothing more important than your long-term success in sobriety. Through our years of depth and experience within drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we believe and know that customized and continuous care leads to long term recovery. And when you combine such expertise in clinical care with the type of loving and devoted staff we offer here at Illuminate, success in recovery from addiction is a reality that is so often missed while in many traditional drug & alcohol treatment facilities….


Ability To Work At The Same Time
An outpatient program for drug and alcohol addiction allows the patient to continue working throughout the duration of treatment. IOP thus reduces additional financial burden, enables the individual to apply their newly learned skills at work and build healthy interactions with associates.

Live At Home Or A Sober Living
Most people would find it to be a great advantage to be able to stay in the comforts of their own home while getting the addiction treatment they need at an intensive outpatient program (IOP). For those who feel they would be distracting at home, the same would apply to a recovery residence or sober living home, with the added structure and support.

Costs Less Than Inpatient Programs
An intensive outpatient program (IOP) for drug and alcohol addiction is typically less expensive than inpatient residential programs. You will still benefit from professional treatment care in a non-traditional setting allowing you to focus on your recovery while attending to your family and keeping your job.

Immediate Application Of New Tools
While you are attending an intensive outpatient program (IOP), you will be learning new skills and how to change your behaviors. Since you will be working at the same time and either living at home or at a sober living home, you will have plenty of opportunities to apply what you have learned versus waiting until the end of an inpatient drug rehab program.

Support Of Your Loved Ones
When you partake in an inpatient residential addiction treatment program, you are typically shut off from outside distractions as well as interaction with family and friends. On the other hand, when you engage in an intensive outpatient programs, you live at home or a sober living home, allowing you to be surrounded and supported by your loved ones.


Structured Routine
A sober living home alleviates the distractions and reminders of your own home environment. It provides a much needed structure whereby clients are expected to abide by curfews, house rules and partake in daily chores.

People To Relate To
At a sober living home, you will be surrounded by people who are in the same sort of situation as you are. They understand and can relate to your struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, thus giving you a comfortable environment to express yourself and build new relationships.

Professional Support System
Sober living homes will have onsite managers to ensure your safety, monitor your progress and hold you accountable for your daily chores and sustaining sobriety.

Measures To Sustain Recovery
Sober living homes have requirements and rules in place to assist you in your sobriety and maintain long lasting recovery, such as weekly community house meetings and urinalysis and breathalyzer testing.

Alumni Recovery Community
One of the most important things you can have at a sober living home is a strong alumni community. While you are facing your ups and downs from addiction recovery, it can be a great source of comfort to have the support of those who have been where you are at now and are willing to help you in your sobriety success.


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